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Best YouTube player in 2021

HeroPlayer in actions

Recently, YouTube just updated its terms of service that it has the “right to monetize” all content on its platform. What’s that mean? It means you must watch ads in every video on YouTube.

I experienced discomfort while watching YouTube, when the video was continuously interrupted by ads.

The campaign of searching YouTube players without ads started, I found a lot of results talking about “YouTube Vanced”. My priorities as bellow:

- Watch YouTube video without any ads.

- Listen to YouTube videos when screen off.

- Watch YouTube videos during chatting or reading.

-Listen to all videos in my YouTube playlist without any middle ads.

I tried to install “YouTube Vanced” but it’s not as easy as I expected, it takes about 30 minutes along with many steps and confuses me. Finally, it’s completed, I see it is good as they said: no-ads, pop-up window, play background. It’s OK but I still think about security: I gave my YouTube account to another person without any warranty. So the search campaign continues ..

I installed dozens of similar apps such as: Minimizer, FloatingTube, TubeMaster, Screen OFF, .. finally I kept HeroPlayer app.

My first impressions

Easy to use: HeroPlayer just has 4 buttons: Floating video (popup video), Close all floating videos, Refresh YouTube website and AutoMode toggle.


- YouTube mobile website, exactly it’s I feel peace in my mind because I believe my YouTube account information is not sent to Third parties.

- HeroPlayer app‘s UI, only 4 buttons as I mentioned above.

How it work

Initially, the YouTube mobile website is displayed as the same as you see on the web browser. You interact with it to watch videos, you must watch ads just like the YouTube mobile website. There is no difference.

The difference just comes when touching the “Floating” button, a small floating video player will appear, it’s like a window on a PC. Now, you can enjoy YouTube videos without any ads. The floating video player’s UI is also simple, just enough for us, it’s: change playback speed, change video resolution, video title, button for play/pause, progress bar and full screen icon. I feel comfortable using the floating video player, relocation by touch anywhere on the player and drag, resize by touch low-right corner and drag.

What surprised me is when I change to another video and touch the “Float” button, another floating video player appears, OMG now I can watch multi videos at same time. I tried to open 10 players but it still worked smoothly. I switch to using other apps, the floating video player overlaps apps then I can watch videos and interact with other apps normally.

When I used HeroPlayer app longer, I started getting annoyed with touching the “Floating” button repeatedly so I tried turning on the “AutoFloat” toggle, this mode is what I need. In the “AutoFloat” mode, I can watch videos in the same floating video player but I also can watch more than one video by touching the “Float” button.

Then, I tested the playlist feature, I searched the playlists about piano. It’s OK. The floating video player changes to the next video in the playlist automatically without any middle ads.

Finally, I simply turn off the screen and enjoy all the piano in the playlist.

Compare YouTube Vanced and HeroPlayer

- Multi floating videos (can watch multi YouTube videos at same time): only on the HeroPlayer app, this feature is better than I guess, now I can watch movies and football at same time.

- YouTube Account (login with your YouTube account) : same

- Security your YouTube Account: I refer to the HeroPlayer app because they use native YouTube website and it’s available on Google Play.

- Play all videos in playlist: same.


All are my opinions, if anyone finds a better YouTube Player please let me know.

Thank you for your time.